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flareonfury wrote in lee_allison
(This idea, by the way, was stolen from KAIWYNN & her Twilight Uncanon Drabble-A-Thon :])

So, let's get straight to the point:

Comment to this entry with a drabble or fic request/prompts.

A few things to remember:
+ Anything - from all ratings to all types - is welcome AS LONG as it is about LEE and ALLISON.
+ You can post and request more than once.
+ In the subject line of your comment, write title - prompt - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17) either as a new comment or a reply to the comment with the prompt.
+ Because I like to keep my fanfiction in one place, if you want to post your fic to your journal and just leave a link here in a comment, that is just fine!
+ Prompts should be in a different comment from a drabble.
+ Pimp this everywhere!

Alright, now get to posting.

Closing date? NONE!

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Don't Run-Sleep Walking-G

I feel like I'm sleep walking around you. Under water. Unaware. There and functioning but not participating. I'm too absorbed in you, the corn silk of your hair and the comfort of your smile. Sometimes it's like living a dream that I desperately didn't want to wake from. Laughter when your happy and teasing, fire and sparks when you're mad. It didn't matter. It was all glorious to me, enchanting and damning. Better to live and walk asleep than wake up and find an empty bed and a wedding band on your finger. Sleep walk, don't run.

Re: Don't Run-Sleep Walking-G

:) this was totally beautiful! So poetic. Thank you for writing it :)

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