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flareonfury wrote in lee_allison
(This idea, by the way, was stolen from KAIWYNN & her Twilight Uncanon Drabble-A-Thon :])

So, let's get straight to the point:

Comment to this entry with a drabble or fic request/prompts.

A few things to remember:
+ Anything - from all ratings to all types - is welcome AS LONG as it is about LEE and ALLISON.
+ You can post and request more than once.
+ In the subject line of your comment, write title - prompt - rating (g, pg, pg13, r, nc17) either as a new comment or a reply to the comment with the prompt.
+ Because I like to keep my fanfiction in one place, if you want to post your fic to your journal and just leave a link here in a comment, that is just fine!
+ Prompts should be in a different comment from a drabble.
+ Pimp this everywhere!

Alright, now get to posting.

Closing date? NONE!

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- secrets
- in my dreams
- under the covers
- don't leave
- thank you

Let's see if I can do this right. I can't write but I can read :) and I want to read.

request for drabbles
-unknown feelings
-I have a hunch about you
-sleep walking

Don't Run-Sleep Walking-G

I feel like I'm sleep walking around you. Under water. Unaware. There and functioning but not participating. I'm too absorbed in you, the corn silk of your hair and the comfort of your smile. Sometimes it's like living a dream that I desperately didn't want to wake from. Laughter when your happy and teasing, fire and sparks when you're mad. It didn't matter. It was all glorious to me, enchanting and damning. Better to live and walk asleep than wake up and find an empty bed and a wedding band on your finger. Sleep walk, don't run.

Re: Don't Run-Sleep Walking-G

:) this was totally beautiful! So poetic. Thank you for writing it :)

Filthy-In my dreams-pg13

Allison sighed and turned onto her back and threw her head back into the pillows, trying to get comfortable. Joe grumbled next to her and slung his arm over her waist. Allison recoiled slightly, feeling almost filthy. It wasn't right for her to be lying here with the man she married and be scared to go to sleep because of who she would eventually dream about. No psychic visions or visits from the deceased, just dreams of hands, hot and rouch, and scorching kisses.

Allison groaned and rolled over again and closed her eyes and tried to force sleep and visions into her mind. It seemed an eternity before sleep wrapped its arms around her and pulled her to its embrace.

Joe stirred around six, like he usually did and nuzzled Allison's neck but stiffened when she mewled "Lee..." in a sleepy purr. Joe sat back and scowled momentarily at his wife but shrugged it off.

"Just another drem," He murmered and got up.

-office husband/wife
-Grim Reaper

Re: Filthy-In my dreams-pg13

Loved it! ♥ Excellent job! :)

Re: Filthy-In my dreams-pg13

Loved it :) Thank you! I wonder why there isn't more of this pairing around! :)

More Prompts:
- New Years
- Christmas Eve
- late night
- smitten
- lips like sugar
- tonight everything changes
- i love you

Lee and Allison sat in the quiet conference room, pouring relentlessly over the numerous files planted in front of them. The only light source were the safety lights from the empty main work place and the single, unimpressive desk lamp that was used to light the large table. Lee sighed and rubbed his face, propping his head up on one of his hands he watched Allison push through pages of missing persons photos.

They had done this dozens of times before, working late nights to solve an unsolvable by normal means crime. For some reason, maybe sleep deprivation, but her hair glowed in the light emitted from the weak 40 watt lightbulb. Allison looked up, catching his eye and gave him an uneasy grin. "Everything alright Lee?" She asked quietly. Lee nodded and leaned forward.

"Yeah, just thinking," Was his gruff reply.

"About what?" Allison was smiling her small, shy smile.

"You have lovely hair," Lee chuckled quietly at her confused look.

"Thanks...? I would say you did too if you had any," Lee was laughing now. Maybe he shouldn't go without sleep for three day stretches anymore...he was a little punchy.

Lee-be careful that raggyedy anne may look out of shape but she will kick your ass in a fight.
allison-*opens door* *walks out*
lee-(scarcastic)*oh god shouldent have done that, pissed off the phicic.

lee-lynn you will never guess who i saw 2 day...allison.
lynn-okay?.....lee im sorry but this is just not working for me...its over.
(lynn leaves)
lee-sits alone in the dark-
*theres a knock at the door
lee-(lee awnsers it)
lee-lynn i....
lee-oh thought you were lynn...
allison-just saw her.........wanna talk?
lee-nah ill be okay.
allison-*raises eyebrows**laughs* it will be okay.
lee-damn allison cant you let me suffer for a while. *smiles*
(phone rings)
*lee awnsers*
devolos-i need you and allison down here.
lee-hangs up/ well i guess you really are a phicic after all....*smiles*
devolos-allison,lee thanks for comeing i know its late.......(hands them a folder
devolos-go home get some rest.....
lee-well that was breif...
allison-can you give me a ride home?
lee- yea
allison- damn
allsion-left my wallet at your apartment
lee-no problem ill drive over there.....

lees mind-god shes perfect.....STOP LEE,...shes married....i dont think im even her type....lonley cops..
but in his heart he knew he had to feel the touch of her lips or he couldent live.......

*lee presses allison against the wall*
allison-"lee wha"
but before she could finish lee pressed his lips against hers.

allison knew she should tell him to stop....push him away....but she couldent.....she dident want it to stop...this moment was perfect and she wanted to stay here forever.
before she relized what was happening she was in lees arms as he unlocked the door she could feel him breath on her neck a shiver went down her spine...

*he sat her down on the bed carefully*

lee-im sorry i dont know what came over me...
allison-lee its all right. lee felt the coolness of her breath as she wispered in his ear..
then he turned around and allison pressed her lips against his..and at that moment he knew she could be the one.....


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